New addition to the website in the Summer of 2015

June 2015 – Letter from a private client to Dave following completion of his report – ‘Just a quick note to thank you for your report. It was very professional, I am most grateful to you. Your services really do deserve to be recommended’.

July 2015 – Following an investigation in relation to a Death by Careless driving, the Defendant was acquitted after the production of a joint report with the police expert, in which the police officer agreed our evidence and the judge dismissed the case midway through the prosecution case. The judge asked the prosecutor, ‘if your own expert agrees with the defence expert, how can a jury be sure of guilt?‘

September 2015 – Following acquittal of a driver in a case of causing death by dangerous driving, thank you card received from the driver and his partner thanking us for ‘all of your time and hard work you put into collecting evidence for our case. Because of you being so good at your job we can finally put this case behind us‘​.

September 2015 – Case of Death by Dangerous driving – solicitor emailed us to thank us for our hard work and ‘putting some long hours in over the 2 week trial‘.

October 2015 – Case of Death by Dangerous driving – Barrister wrote ‘Dear Mark and Peter, Thank you for your hard work in this case, it assisted me considerably, especially in mitigation. Client was very relieved and grateful for our assistance in his case‘.

December 2017 – Civil case following instructions from NewLaw, Scotland (McIntosh v Aviva) and acting on behalf of the Pursuer. Pete was giving evidence for almost 4 days in a motorcycle v LGV case. The Sheriff found 100% in favour of the motorcyclist (no independent witnesses). Judgement from the Sheriff was ‘Mr Davey presented his evidence in a careful and considered manner. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues…. He applied his considerable knowledge and experience to the information presented to him. His position did not change despite Mr Macpherson’s best efforts in cross-examination. I found him to be an impressive and well-balanced witness’.

January 2018 – Civil case at The Royal Courts of Justice, Car v Pedestrian (Bruma v Hassan). Acting on behalf of the Claimant, Pete provided expert evidence to the hearing. Judgement found 80% in favour of the Claimant. The judgement stated, ‘I found both experts equally impressive. Mr Davey was the more confident of the two.  Mr Medd, for the defendants, challenged his objectivity, and sought to characterise part of his evidence as advocacy. In my judgment Mr Davey’s responses to such criticisms in cross-examination were measured, calm and convincing. On balance, where there were differences between the two experts I found the reasoning of Mr Davey more persuasive’.

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